Named for her family name, Les Trois Chevaux is owned by acclaimed chef and proprietor, Angie Mar. In Chinese, ‘Mar’ represents the noble steed. When they were young, she and her two brothers were nicknamed by their beloved father and uncles “The Three Horses”.
Les Trois Chevaux embodies a renaissance of the great French restaurants of New York’s eras past, while also looking to the future of dining. Having fallen in love with New York over twenty years ago, Mar has always been an ardent supporter of the creative forces that drive the City’s irreplaceable energy. Les Trois Chevaux highlights New York’s artisans and creatives through its design elements, artwork and and of course the cuisine. 
Simplistic elegance, an eye for opulence, paying homage to history, and the procurement of the finest ingredients are the foundation of Mar’s cooking ethos. At Les Trois Chevaux, one is sure to revel in the transportive nature of service, ambiance and cuisine.


"Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment." Claude Monet
"All great changes are preceded by chaos." Deepak Chopra



“Lose your mind and come to your senses.” Fritz Perls


New York has always been a place where the expression of one’s personal style is celebrated. At Les Trois Chevaux, we revere the style and finesse that can only be attributed to having New York swagger. We expect our guests to arrive in proper dinner attire, and for you to celebrate the style that downtown New York City can bring. Blue jeans, shorts and sneakers are strictly prohibited. While ties are not required for the Main Room and Bar Experiences, we kindly request that dinner jackets are worn while you enjoy your time with us.

52nd Ave South

After the rain would cease to fall, Chef Mar and her brothers would often wander into the back yard of their beloved childhood home located on 52nd Avenue South. The air was always intoxicating after the rain, filled with scents of wet pine needles and pink blossoms, the sweet aroma from the 20th Century Pear trees that lined the sloped hill to the moss covered Chinese rock garden they’d love to play in, and the crisp freshness of the lake that only a freshly fallen rain can bring. In Seattle, there is something very beautiful about the cloudiness of the sky after it rains– It’s both calming and serene, and a reflection of the home that housed the Mar Family for generations.

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